33 Baso's Buddha

What is Buddha? Baso
'Neither Mind nor Buddha. Why?'
(The Koan-answer is the picture's caption!)


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An explanation of the Koan answer

This Koan is a copy of Koan 30. Only Baso's answer is the exact opposite of what he said before. That doesn't matter, because the question is as stupid as before. The answer could be the same as before, a slight variation, or something totally different. No problem.

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The background story of this Koan

The second part of Baso's confusing his students about the Buddha.
Yes, Baso was famous for his ability, to bring his students out of their intellectual balance. It's only by intuition this Koan can be answered.
Basically the Person called "Buddha" is long dead. (If he ever existed.) To find a definition of this guy is nonsense. Therefore every "answer" is ok.

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The original Chinese Goang

Mazu: Because a monk asked, "Compared to what is the Buddha?" Zu said, "Not heart-mind, not Buddha."

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Zen Riddle #60-dry :
It cannot get dry.
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Traditional Commentaries and .... Poems (Gata)

Mumon's comment: If anyone understands this, he is a graduate of Zen.

Wumen says:If within you are able to see, your participating in the business of learning is completed.

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The Gata

If you meet a fencing-master on the road, you may give him your sword,
If you meet a poet, you may offer him your poem.
When you meet others, say only a part of what you intend.
Never give the whole thing at once.

On the path, if you meet a traveler with a sword you should show.
If you do not run into a poet, do not offer.
When you run into a person just speak a third part;
You can not possibly bestow the whole in one piece.

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