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It cannot get wet. It cannot get dry. What is it?
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This is your fastest guide to meditation for beginners.

Very easy meditation techniques are introduced. They don't take long to learn.

Just try several times and after some days you will know all about how to meditate for beginners.

Zen Buddhism rituals Prostration . . . Gassho . . . Training
Religious Behaviour and Experiences

You don't have to behave properly during Indian prostration rituals or to train gassho before entering a Japanese meditation hall.

There is no "Krishna, hare hare" to sing, no Buddha to decorate with flowers.

Just choose a silent place and follow our recommendations for a simple meditation.
Meditation taught in Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity is far too complicated to start with. Even if you want to reach high spiritual levels start simply.
  • Entering nirvana for example, the stepping out of the wheel of rebirth and death guided by an Indian Guru, needs some easy meditation techniques first.

  • Realising your eternal Buddha nature with a Sri Lankan, Tibetan or Japanese Master is fine, but mastering meditation comes first.

  • If you strive for the Christian way of meditation you should learn the technique before looking for a priest that leads you to unity with god.
Meditation for beginners starts with concentration on the breath. That's the simplest practice.

Going further in learning how to do meditation takes more time. It needs some effort.

Bad news? Have a cup of tea.

The good news: the simple meditation you already learned is Zen, proper Zen Buddhism.

If you're interested in more Zen go to Zen practices at Meditation Hall

Mastering meditation can't be successfully achieved without a serious commitment to daily practice.

But please keep in mind, if you sooner or later realise that meditation for beginners is not your cup of tea, leave it, do something else.

Meditation and Zen practices are not the only ways to come to yourself or to pass your time in a meaningful way.

Zen Koan
Zen riddle

Sport, arts, travelling etc. are perhaps more useful and pleasant for you.

You want to continue with meditation? Fine.

To learn walking meditation techniques is not too hard.

To practice sitting meditation needs some more effort first and some time spent in meditation during your busy days.

You'll find that time if you want to. It's not difficult, believe me.

This is not the way

Where does meditation for beginners lead you to?
To Zen enlightenment or Buddhist enlightenment?

I don't know.

That's a new question. Another chapter.

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