The Person, that Calls Itself 'I'

If you want to pratice Zen and deal with Koans you need to become aware of two sides of yourself, the person you are and your identity.

Too difficult? You can find out! Look at the boxes and pictures below.

The fist box shows how your body biologically grew from baby into an adult 'person'. That's the first side of you.
The following two boxes show, how your brain developed and formed your identity, the 'I'. That's the second side of you.

Both sides together, that's what you are, a 'Person, that calls itself I', or in short 'Person-I'.

The first side of Person-I

A pattern of black shapes on white

Person I one Person one

Biologically all humans are the same bipedal mammals, species homo sapiens, median lifetime 80 years etc. But all humans are also different.

Person I one Person two

Even a baby has a it's own personal "shape". This little baby-person can't think properly but intuitively it grows into an adult person.

The black and white shapes and patterns of 'Person one', 'Person two' and 'Person three' in this box signify personal differences.

Person I one Person three

The empty spaces, the dots, lines and shapes represent genetic differences in sex, colour, brain potential etc. every person inherits.

Out of the pool of our genetics, beginning in early childhood, we developed into an adult "Person" (with capital "P").

That's the first side of you Zen is interested in.

The second side of Person-I

The brain "adds colour" to the Person

Person I one Person one
with colour

Although, the Person you are remains the same, your body and brain are socially and intellectually, consciously or unconsciously changed throughout your lifetime.
That's signified by adding colour to the black and white shapes of the three Person in this box.

Person I one Person two
with colour

Lots of things, from mother tongue to professional knowledge, are learned, academic degrees or manual skills are attained.

Person I one Person three
with colour

All these "additions" to a Person are controlled by the brain. Conciously and unconciously the brain creates your identity, the 'I'.

During your lifetime the brain-created 'I' grows bigger and bigger. Your basic condition, the 'Person' and it's intuitive power becomes forgotten. That's disastrous.

Person-I forgets and rediscovers the Person

The brain created 'I' takes and loses

Person I one Person one
just the 'I'

It's should be clear by now, the biological created 'Person' and the brain created 'I' together make every human being a "Person that calls itself I" or in short "Person-I".

Buddhists believe only the 'Person' is real.

Person I one Person two
just the 'I'

The 'I' is just a dream, it's like a piece of cloth a Person's brain "tailored" for itself and wears every day.

For most people it's the other way around.

Person I one Person the
just the 'I'

Only the 'I' created by intellectual learning and achievement is real and important.
The biologically created 'Person' and it's intuitive power is forgotten and "sucked" into the 'I'.

In Zen this "sucking in" can be undone. How? By working with Koans the Person will pop up again! Look for the next box.

How Person-I intuitively solves Koans

Schrink the 'I' to recover the 'Person'

Person I one Person 'I' one

A Koan is a trap. "I" can't solve it, despite all its ambitions, abilities and knowledge. No chance.
It takes some time until "I" gives up to find a Koan answer.

That's the moment when "I" feels trapped. But quite often, after some time, out of the blue intuitively a solution pops up "I" would never have thought about.

Person I one Person 'I' two

That's the moment when the "Person" shows up again.

To trust in this "Person's" intuitive power and not only trusting in the thinking "I" is a big step. But it's needed. Only the "Person" intuitively understands Koans and is able to find a Koan answers.

Person I one Person 'I' three

Download the free e-books with "Miscellaneous Koans".
They give lots of simple training cases. In this way discover your intuitive power and to become confident that the "Person" you are will solve all Koans!

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