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Zen Riddle #7-counting
Count the stars in Heaven. Tell me their number!
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#9-wading #10-birds #12-stone mumonkan

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Decoding a Zen riddle or Koan is time consuming even with further instructions.

You may be tempted to read Zen books that comment on Zen Koans, one's smarter than the other.

But you won't find any solutions for a Koan but get showered with confusing Zen-talk.

The Zen hierarchy insists on the secrecy of Koan solutions.

They still believe in decoding hundreds of Koans makes a student enlightened.. Ok. Fine.

Here's the alternative...

...use the "Free Zen Riddle and Koan Service"...
  • to get a solution (sometimes more than one) for a certain riddle or Koan

  • to discuss the decoding of riddles, Koans or a Koan answers

  • to get some more information about Zen riddles or Buddhist Koans

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