Mastering Meditation for Beginners

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Advanced techniques for mastering meditation don't differ from easy meditation techniques.
Simply practice meditation while breathing, walking, standing and sitting!

Last but not least improve your mind concentration and, oops, you're a master of meditation!

Do you want to go for meditation right now? Ok. That's at: Zen practices Meditation Hall

advanced meditation techniques Advanced Meditation Techniques

Whatever you do, make it is meditation!

Try! Transforms your life into a rewarding way of permanent meditation!

Let's walk
the way the old masters walked,
step by step.

Standing meditation... a good practice when you queue for a bus. Turn your mind inside.
"Your feet seem to sink in the ground. Balance yourself firmly and concentrate your jumping mind on the bus you're waiting for. It's already coming."
That's a very simple standing meditation technique.

Walking meditation...

....means mind concentration while walking at a slow pace.
"One leg is raised, the other holds the full body weight. You're insecure until the raised leg comes down again.
Don't close your eyes but, if possible, walk with bare feet, step by step."
Walking meditation is a shortcut to mastering meditation.

Try to become aware of every step. Keep your concentration inside, watch how you feel while moving, concentrate on the mind.

The mind's running, not walking. Don't try to catch it. Just watch it.

mind concentration Concentration exercise

The third body activity of everyday life, besides standing and walking is,

surprise surprise,


Mastering mediation means to turn everyday sitting into...

Sitting meditation...

the best know meditation technique.
"It doesn't matter where you sit: on the floor, a bench or a chair.

Just keep your hands in your lap, your eyes one third open with your mind concentration on your breathing.

Sit upright, breath in, breath out. That's all".
Sitting mediation is done in a simplified lotus position of yoga. If you like to do more yoga for meditation that can be quite helpful for you.

Zen enlightenment The Way of Zen

Mind Concentration

Mastering meditation is no one day achievement. Try, find out what's good for. It may take time.

Whatever your practice is: standing, walking or sitting, you're practising mindfulness and meditation techniques at the same time.

Some more advice for successful mastering of meditation:

Listen to your mind.

In India it used to be said that the mind jumps around like a monkey.
Today's minds sound like chat rooms.

Talking and thinking, pictures and images, the mind never stops producing.

Be patient. Don't force yourself. Mind concentration takes time.

Mastering meditation needs patience with your mind and with yourself.

It's worth trying!

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