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Zen Riddle #24-grass :
What's the final purpose of your way through grass?
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#13-wet #2-fire #15-buffalo mumonkan

There are lots of Zen books with riddles in Zen called Koans.

They are all the same. There's the text of the Koan in an its traditionell order.
Sometimes with lenghty explanations.

None of these books gives you the answers of the Koan.

Why? The answers have to be kept secret by the master.
That's a tradition since Japanese masters rediscovered Koans in the early 18th century.
I think that's stupid.

My Koan Books gives you answers for each Koan.
Try it with the riddle in box on the right hand side!
Do you want more riddles and koans to work on them off-line??

Here are two e-books with lots of Zen Riddles, the so called "Miscellaneous Koans".

The third Book, "Mumonkan", is a the classic Koan collection from 13th century China.

The fourth Book, "New Koans", collects Koans send to me by visitors of my site.
Frequently asked questions about Koans and how to solve them are also included in "New Koans". -->

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