How to Achieve Buddhist Enlightenment

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Buddhist Enlightenment needs three things: meditation practices, your Buddha nature and the Buddha. How does it work?
  1. Train mind concentration through meditation practices....
  2. ...and discover your unique, bright wisdom, your Buddha nature.
That's exactly the Buddhists' way to enlightenment.

enlightenment Buddhism
Before Enlightenment

Some Gurus may say, Meditation practices are


concentration on your nose or other parts of your body,

hearing enlightened teachings,

following the eightfold path of moral conduct

practice yoga, be quiet and meditate."

Does Buddhist or Zen enlightenment really works this way? Ok. Not really.

But before going on reading you may want to meditate for while?

Zen practice at Meditation Hall offers a space to sit and relax.

Mastering meditation is nothing but to discover your inbuilt wisdom, your Buddhanature.

This means to give up complaining about cigarettes and bad feelings, to give up your favourite tv series and your belief in enlightenment. Forget about all this.

That's not nice is it?

enlightenment Buddhism
Levels of Enlightenment

The enlightenment experience of bright wisdom can't be achieved without a radical reduction of your everyday habits.

Enlightenment is a 360 degree table turning experience.

Even Buddha's experience of the morning star came as a surprise for him.

He realised bright wisdom after a rainy night's meditation under a sheltering enlightenment (bodhi) tree.

"Everything experiences enlightenment at dawn", the Buddha said and all Buddhists believed it.

Find your own Bodhi tree to practice meditation during rainy days.
"All Buddhist schools teach their individual concept of enlightenment and how to realise it. Every school claims to know the most superior practice and way to enlightenment.

Christian Zen and other eastern meditation schools in Western countries compete heavily with one another. Zen Buddhism is no exception."

Let's go back to the Buddha

There are many stories and sayings in Buddhism history about the Buddha's awakening, about Buddha nature and enlightenment. Most of these stories don't fit together.

Enlightenment themes The Enlightenment of the Buddha

That makes the Buddha's enlightenment even more valuable in Buddhists' eyes.

But be careful.
"The Buddha was unique. He can't be copied, or imitated.

Buddhist teachers are enlightened in their own right. Their wisdom is limited.

Don't trust, don't hope too much. A teacher is your guide, not the boss. Don't become dependent on a teacher!"
Is there anything more to say about Buddhist enlightenment?
Perhaps this:

"There is no enlightenment, neither in Buddhism nor anywhere else.
Whatever can be said about enlightenment is wrong."

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