Zen Buddhist Art - Kill the Buddha

Zen Riddle #5-ghost :
How do you save a ghost?
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#7-counting #9-wading #10-birds mumonkan

Buddha is a triangle, two knees one crown. (Much more Zen Art: here!)

Buddhist clip art

Abstract Zen Art

Front and back are equal: B-u-d-d-ha-ha d-d-u-B.

Zen Buddhist art and culture are fun, fun, fun
and only bone
and skin.

The abstract Zen art Buddha is killed.
Laugh, laugh, laugh.
This a serious matter.

Who's laughing? Where?

Don't close your eyes? Don't close your eyes!

This man is absolutely right: thinking about the Buddha while drinking two cups of coffee.

By the way, where is HIS second cup? Who's the coffee-cup-filler? The Buddha-killer?

Believe in the Buddha and art makes sense.
Abstract Zen art is a serious matter.

Don't play with food, don't play with the Buddha. He's a stranger. Beware of strangers.

January- February- March- April- and May-Buddha.

Some say he died in Vietnam, in Hiroshima, in Calcutta.
Because Ikk bin ain baerlinnea.

What do you think about Zen Buddhist art, Mademoiselle Lola?

Zen Koan

The Meaning of Life

Think, think, think, think,

think finally this: Stop talking. Just watch yourself. Breathing.

That's the easy art of concentration!

But isn't there more? Other Zen art, meditation practice art?

Perhaps some sleeping or eating art performance easy meditation techniques?

Thank you Mademoiselle for these

I thank you so much.

Zen meditation is a wonderful way to discover your true face when your mother and father are not at home.

That's a riddle, Mademoiselle Lola, one of the many Zen riddles. Neither believe in riddles nor in the Buddha.

Zen riddle


I just called you Mademoiselle, Lola, if you don't mind?

No, Milord,
oh no, Milord,
What a pleasure,
what a pleasure.

That's true: Buddhism
Zen Buddhism.

Some more art questions?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

OK, Lola, what more?

I don't know, I really don't know.

That's e-nough, absolutely e-nough.

Do you want to practice Buddhist art meditation instead of reading about it?
Here's what you want: Zen practices Meditation Hall

By the way, there is Zen Indian Buddhist art, Korean Buddhist Zen art, Japanese Buddhist art Zen. All are different, all are enlightened, all are deep down and the same. Yeeeaaah.

Art Zen Art Meditation Art Zen
Buddhist Art Art ART, art
LIFE, life, life.
SHIT, shit, shit: Buddha is killed 'n dead, dead, dead.

Let's cover the Buddha with Buddha pictures. Let's make him an abstract Zen art Buddha.

Zen words

Please, cut along the line

Sorry, we forgot to cover one leg.

Doesn't matter. One, two, three four:

The Buddha is a pile of dog shit now, dog shit on the beach. A triangular shit pile Buddha.


Ask the cigar smoking famous Zen Master!

But now,
five, six, seven, nine:

Art Zen Art Meditation Art Zen
Buddhist Art Art ART, art
LIFE, life, life.
SHIT, shit, shit: Buddha is dead.

D'ya like it Mademoiselle Lola?

You're wonderful, monsieur, milord. wonderful.

PLEASE, don't close your eyes!